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After the 45's I joined a band with the slightly dubious name of Johnny Pinko as lead singer. We gigged around London and did a short tour to New York.

Our attempts to get a record deal were fruitless but we did some recording with legendary record producer Gus Dudgeon of Elton John fame. He also produced Bowie's Space Oddity and Elkie Brooks amongst others. The band split up after about 2 years.

Anyway, I'm still making music of a sort - at least it pays the mortgage and supports the family so I can't complain even if I spend a lot of time wearing a dodgey wig and pretending to be Rod Stewart! I also impersonate Sting and do gigs as The Police around London. And there's weddings etc. with a covers band I operate.

I occasionally have this dream where I've got a 45's reunion gig the next day and I can't remember any of the songs. Weird!


After the 45s I worked with Phil in a studio band called The Rest Is History, through them I did some session work which eventualy led to a job with rock act John Parr (St Elmo's Fire).

After touring and recording with John I went to college to try to engender a decent job (pausing for a moment to fail to get a job with Robert Plant, nice try though) but typically, in the middle of my final exams I jumped ship and went on tour with Danny Wilson, who had been friends for many years . When the band broke up I worked with their singer/songwriter Gary Clark.

When that eventualy exploded I decided to concentrate on regular meals and got a job in my pals music shop where I still am. I still play constantly with my band Ringer and do the Beatles festival every August in Liverpool which is a highly recommended hoot.

I am still married to Irene and have two bairns and three grandbairns which keeps me busy.

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After The 45's broke up I worked with fellow London band Little Sister for a while but when that went tits up I went for a trial as a trombonist in the Territorial Army. Somehow I ended up in the Parachute Regiment and toured the World! It was all quite amazing and totally unexpected.

I've had to give up playing for the moment due to health reasons but there's still a bit of Rock n Roll in me yet.

These days I go off on 200 mile hikes around Britain and I am seriously considering writing a book about my life as it's been so eventful!


Phil probably had the most success after The 45's having written, produced and played keyboards on three Robert Plant solo albums. Manic Nirvana, Now and Zen and Fate of Nations all see Phil's name gracing the credits

After ending his stint with Mr Plant (with whom Phil remains good friends to this day), he recorded an album with the Chernobyl Poppies and has produced The Levellers, Rev Hammer and numerous others.

These days Phil owns a farm in the Rural West Country where he spends alot of time working in his studio and producing local talent.

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After leaving the 45s I went to Paris for three years teaching English. I got a band together and we did a few gigs and some recording but it didn't come to much. Then I moved to Nantes. I've been here ever since and have played in many different bands. Most of the stuff you can find on the website (which hasn't been updated for quite a while I'm afraid!).

The most successful venture so far was the Excalibur project alongside Roger Hodgson and Fairport Convention an album which got me my one and only gold record! We did a few gigs, notably at Bercy in Paris.

Later I was involved with a project called Gaia alongside John Helliwell and Jesse Seibenberg from Supertramp, Anggun, Justin Haywood, Billy Preston, Midnight Oil, Heather Small and others. We did a few prestigous gigs in Cannes, Nice, Geneva and Montreal but the album came to nothing unfortunately. Other projects are on the way but it's a bit quiet at the moment.

I sing in a gospel group, do a few gigs from time to time with Jaywood and have a duo called Bridgwood Junction with another English guy from Cambridge. I've also recently finished my degree in Physics which I abandoned 26 years ago to join the 45s!

I am still with Evelyne who I met in 1974 on a school exchange and we've had 3 kids, Hugo 16, Julia 15 and Helena who was 20. Helena was killed in a car accident last year in Australia where she was studying at Queensland university in Brisbane. On the 26 march this year I did a concert for her with Jaywood and friends here in Nantes. As a result of the concert the city of Nantes has asked me to write a show to be performed next June at the international human rights congress which is being organised in Nantes. I'm just waiting for confirmation i.e. the money has to be forthcoming!!!